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June 22, 2020 3 min read

In this article, we will discuss how long a pre-workout supplement lasts after using it.

You will find out how long the most common ingredients in pre-workout supplements last and what the best time to take a pre-workout is.

We all know that taking pre-workout before exercise can increase energy, focus, endurance, muscle pumps, and even power output.

But there's not much information on how long these effects will last.

That's why I decided to write an article on how long a pre-workout supplement will last.

How long pre-workouts last

how long do pre-workouts last

Ingredients in a pre-workout supplement will typically last anywhere from 2-5 hours. It depends on what ingredients the pre-workout contains and in what dosages.

Let's go over the most common ingredients that most of the top pre-workout supplements contain.


Caffeine is a great energy booster, it delays fatigue and increases endurance.

The half-life of caffeine is usually around 2.5- 5 hours in healthy individuals.

It's rapidly absorbed by the body, 99% of it is absorbed within 45 minutes of use.

Peak levels of caffeine are 15-120 minutes after use.

So taking caffeine around 15-30 minutes before a workout is most likely the most effective way to use caffeine.

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline has been shown to be effective to increase arginine levels, nitric oxide in the body, helps the body use oxygen more efficiently, and reduce fatigue.

The half-life is around 1-2 hours after consumption.

L-Citrulline should be used around 30 minutes it starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream.


Betaine is used to increase exercise performance and it is rapidly absorbed by the body.

For performance, we recommend using it around 30 minutes before working out.


By using beta-alanine consistently every day you store up carnosine levels in the body.

Beta-alanine helps increase performance and reduce fatigue.

it's recommended to use it every day since it will be more effective that way.

The timing isn't really a key factor with the beta-alanine, however, you must use it consistently every day for best results. It will work better if you have used it consistently.

If you use large doses of beta-alanine you may notice a tingling sensation in your body which is called paraesthesia, it is not dangerous but some people find it uncomfortable.

This tingle will usually last for about half an hour.


Even though creatine might not belong in a pre-workout supplement there are still many pre-workouts that contain it.

Creatine increases the stores of phosphocreatine in your body which is used to produce ATP when exercising, ATP is like fuel for your muscles.

It's recommended to do a loading phase of creatine for about a week where you use 20-grams of creatine for every day to get maximum phosphocreatine levels.

After that you take a 3-5 gram serving to maintain those levels high.

That's why creatine doesn't really belong in a pre-workout because it's one of those ingredients that you can use whenever in the day and still get the benefits.

So Creatine timing isn't really crucial it's more about consistent use over time.


L-Theanine is oftentimes paired with caffeine in pre-workouts for its anti-anxiety and calming effects.

Peak levels of L-theanine usually occur after 30 min to an hour after use.

Which means it works well with pre-workouts and should be used around 30 minutes before working out.


prefierce pre-workout formula

Most pre-workout supplement should be used around 30 minutes before working out for best results

We recommend using prefierce pre-workout formula which contains the ingredients we've talked about in this article in both safe and clinical dosages.

By using the ingredients we talked about in this article you won't be positive in a drug test since these are all legal ingredients.




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