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April 06, 2020 5 min read

In this post, you will learn exactly which fat burners do really work and what ingredients to look for.

You will also learn how to:

  • Find out if a fat burner is good or not
  • What fat burners actually do
  • If fat burners really work
  • If you need a fat burner or not

So let's dive right into it.

How Fat Burners Work

The best fat burners on the market work to increase your metabolic rate, decrease hunger cravings and increase energy.

Losing fat is a challenging task and may take a longer time than many fat shredders anticipated.

Thanks to fat burners the challenge of maintaining a good diet, training with intensity and stop those late-night cravings is a bit easier.

If you have ever been on a weight loss journey you know just how hard it can be to stay consistent for a long period of time.

That's why many people turn to fat burners to get a little bit of extra help.

A fat burner is by no means a magic pill that will make you shredded without any work.

Actually far from it, a fat burner is created to make your fat burning journey a bit faster, a bit easier and give you that energy boost you need.

Nobody actually needs a fat burner to lose fat, however, it will make the fat loss just a bit faster, easier and give you that extra boost.

Especially those late-night cravings which ruin progress for many people, fat burners will help those cravings fade away.

To clarify once again:  you don't need a fat burner to lose weight, fat burners are not magic pills but they will make the fat loss a bit faster and easier!

Let's get right into the business I will tell you about the top 3 fat burners on the market right now.

I will also tell you about the best fat burning ingredients.

Best Fat Burners - Top 3

1. ShredFierce

shredfierce fat burner

Let's talk about ShredFierce a high-performing fat burner that I took part in formulating.

ShredFierce only contains proven ingredients in clinical doses and the dosage is bigger than the other top fat burners.

You see most fat burners rely on a daily dose of 2-3 capsules per day.

We found out that it isn't enough to put all the best ingredients in the right dosages that work.

That's why ShredFierce has a 5 capsule per day dose.

This fat burner contains ingredients that focus on increasing the metabolic rate, energy levels and eliminate hunger cravings.

We believe we did one heck of a job by calculating what you need of each ingredient to be really effective.

Then we simply put those dosages in the formula and trust me it costs more for us to manufacture this product than other fat burners that put low doses of the most expensive ingredients.

The formula says it all, all dosages are revealed and you can see for yourself what it looks like.

shredierce ingredients label

Shredfierce contains 2-grams of Glucomannan which suppresses appetite and helps combat hunger cravings.

The formula has also 100 mg of 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytyptophan which improves mood along with working as an appetite suppressant.

200 mg of caffeine which is the sweet spot, you will feel increased energy levels without taking too big of a dose and get trough your workouts effectively even on a low-calorie diet.

The formula also has 500 mg of green tea leaf extract which increases energy and fat oxidation in the body along with 100mg of cayenne fruit extract which speeds up metabolism.

Other ingredients include acetyl-l-carnitine which helps use fat cells as an energy source, green coffee bean extract, chromium, vitamin b-6, vitamin b-12, and Bioperine to get better absorption of ingredients.


  • Contains proven ingredients in clinical doses
  • Huge 5-capsule serving
  • No fillers or proprietary blends
  • Works to suppress appetite
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts the metabolic rate of the body (burn more calories)
  • Great package deals buying 3 or 5 bottles at a time


  • Only available on trufierce.com
  • Premium-priced when buying only 1 bottle

2. Instant Knockout

instant knockout fat burner

Instant knockout has been available for a quite bit of time. Even though their formula still to this day stands strong it's not flawless.

The serving size for this fat burner is 4 capsules per day which is good but a little bit lower than the top fat burner ShredFierce which has 5 capsules per day.

Instant knockout contains most ingredients you would want in a fat burner in good doses.

It works well to increase energy levels, boost up the metabolism and reduce hunger cravings.

instant knockout ingredients label

The formula has 1.8-grams of Glucomannan, 100 mg of cayenne powder and a huge 300 mg dose of caffeine which is too much in my opinion for a fat burner.

Instant Knockout also has solid doses of green tea extract 500-mg, green coffee extract 100-mg, zing 10mg and Bioperine for the absorption of ingredients.

Overall it is a solid formula still missing 5-HTP which has been proven to be an effective ingredient.

The caffeine dose is also too big at 300 mg which means you spare little room for other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or per-workouts.


  • Many good ingredients in clinical doses
  • No fillers or proprietary blends
  • Works to increase energy
  • Contains ingredients that boost the metabolism
  • Helps reduce hunger cravings
  • Bulk deals


  • Missing 5-HTP
  • Expensive
  • Too high caffeine dose

3. PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

physiqueseries fat burner

Physiqueseries fat burner takes a different approach to the other ones we've covered.

First of the daily dose is 4 capsules while Shredfierce has 5 capsules.

Physiqueseries fat burner doesn't have Glucomannan which is an important ingredient however it takes also up a lot of space in the formula.

Besides the fact, that's missing this important ingredient the rest of the formula is good.

transparent labs ingredients label

The formula contains 500 mg daily dose of Forslean (forskolin) which has been proven effective to burn fat.

We also see 240-mg of L-Theanine and 240 mg of caffeine which is a combination that works well for smooth energy.

Physqueseries fat burner also contains proven ingredients such as 5-HTP, Cayenne pepper, Synpherine HCL, Green Tea and L-Tyrosine.

Overall I think they made a good job on the formula with most ingredients being something you would want in a fat burner.

They did skip out on good ingredients such as glucomannan, green coffee bean, and acetyl-l carnitine.


  • Contains many proven ingredients
  • Smooth energy with caffeine+L-Theanine
  • Works well for boosting the metabolism
  • Good for focus
  • Bulk deals


  • Missing some key ingredients for appetite suppression
  • Doesn't contain some key fat burning ingredients

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

Let's go over the top fat burning ingredients you want in your fat burner or that you simply want to use individually.

When looking for a fat burner make sure it contains the majority of these ingredients in good doses.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Has been shown to increase fat oxidation in the body along with increasing energy levels.

Cayenne Pepper

Increases metabolism, meaning that you burn off more calories without any extra effort. It can also work as an appetite suppressant and stimulating healthy fat loss.


Works as an appetite suppressant and reduces hunger cravings.


A mood enhancer that suppresses appetite, great for healthy weight loss.


It helps use fat cells as an energy source, making it a powerful fat burner.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

It helps burn glucose and excess fat.


Caffeine is a proven energy booster but it also stimulates fat loss.


Boosts the internal temperature in the body which ramps up the metabolism making you burn off more calories.


ShredFierce is currently the top fat burner for 2020 because it is the biggest dosed product without any fillers and contains all the key ingredients you need.

Remember that losing fat is more about your diet than using a proven fat burner.

Of course, fat burners may help but if your diet is bad they won't help you lose any weight at all.

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