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April 06, 2020 7 min read

Looking for the best pre-workout on the market is an ambitious task because there are more than 300 different products available.

How do you know the good from the bad?

I have researched pre-workouts extensively for the past few years, I've also been using them for 10+ years, AND I even have my pre-workout.

So I'd like to refer to myself as a self-proclaimed pre-workout expert.

In this blog post, I will tell you about the top pre-workout supplements on the market and how to see the good from the bad.

So basically, after reading this article, you should be able to look at the ingredients label on a pre-workout and say:

"Aha, this one is underdosed" or "This formula is quite good."

I will also just tell you straight up which one's are the best in my opinion if you don't have time to read the whole thing through.

I know you guys are impatient as hell, so I will cut right to the chase and tell you about my top 3 picks for a pre-workout in 2020.

However, if you want to learn more about ingredients, how I see if a pre-workout is good or not, the science behind it, and that type of stuff, I encourage you to read the whole thing through.

Top 3 Pre-Workouts


Prefierce pre-workout

Well, I took a big part in formulating this one, and I want you guys to know that there is a bias.

We wanted to create the best pre-workout on the market and make it taste awesome.

The results? A 19.5-gram serving size pre-workout without any proprietary blends and each ingredient dosed to the limit.

It was formulated with the goal in mind to increase endurance, muscle pumps energy, focus, and power.

When you use this pre-workout, you can feel your body getting amped up and ready to unleash hell.

It doesn't matter if you are tired after a long shift or just want to get an extra boost, PreFierce will deliver big time!

prefierce ingredients label

You see, this formula contains only scientifically proven ingredients in doses that are beyond insane.

That's why you will feel it kick in after taking it in.

The formula speaks for itself, and there are only a handful of other pre-workouts that can compare to this.

We also put a big emphasis on the taste, and it tastes delicious.

There is a big dose of ingredients that Increase nitric oxide production, and that is the massive dose of L-Citrulline malate (7-grams) along with Vaso6 and L-Norvaline.

Nitric oxide helps with increasing muscle pumps, vasodilation, and gives you more endurance.

Then we have the sweet spot for caffeine, which is 250 mg, which is not too much and not too low, and it is paired with 250 mg of L-Theanine.

These two ingredients paired together give you smoother longer-lasting energy levels and prevent you from crashing.

For increased performance, power, and endurance, we have a very generous dose of Beta-alanine (3.5-grams), which helps reduce lactic acid buildup in the body.

The formula also contains a large Betaine dose of 2.5-grams, which is a performance enhancer and increases power output.

There are also two nice to have ingredients the coconut water powder, which helps with hydration and L-acetyl-Carnitine, which is a fat burner that helps use fat cells as an energy source.

The formula is topped off with black pepper extract, which enhances the absorption of ingredients.


  • Every ingredients dosage quantified specifically
  • Clinical doses of key ingredients based on actual studies.
  • High dose of L-Citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and betaine.
  • Smooth, long-lasting energy with the L-Theanine and caffeine combination
  • Boosts fat burning capability with the inclusion of acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Taste is considered: "the best tasting pre-workout by many customers."
  • Huge discount deals buying either 3 or 5 bottles at the time.


  • Not the cheapest if you buy only one bottle at the time
  • Only one taste available (even though it tastes incredible)
  • Only available on their official website.

2. Pulse

pulse pre workout

Pulse comes in second place with a very effective pre-workout formula that focuses on a few ingredients in generous dosages.

What sets Pulse apart from other top pre-workouts is that Pulse has only a few ingredients in their formula, which is both their strength and weakness.

You see, when using the Pulse formula, you are guaranteed that every ingredient is dosed to the limit. However, there are only six ingredients in Pulse

pulse pre workout ingredients label

while many other top pre-workout formulas have ten ingredients.

Pulse contains six high-quality ingredients for a pre-workout that will help with muscle pumps, focus, endurance, and energy.

The formula is quite impressive with a considerable 8-gram dose of L-Citrulline Malate, which is great for nitric oxide production.

It also has beta-alanine at 3.6 grams, betaine at 2.5 grams, and Alpha GPC at 300 mg.

Which should work well as a performance booster, and the alpha GPC is a great focus enhancer.

The formula also contains the caffeine and l-theanine combination, both at 350 mg.

So you should get plenty of energy with that combination.

Overall, Pulse is an excellent pre-workout without any proprietary blend or fillers.


  • Ingredients dosed to the limit
  • Scientifically proven ingredients
  • No fillers or proprietary blends
  • 8-gram of L-citrulline malate for muscle pumps
  • L-theanine and caffeine combination
  • Contains alpha GPC focus enhancer


  • Taste is not that good
  • Only six active ingredients
  • Too much caffeine 350 mg in a dose for most people

3. Pro Pre

pro pre best pre workout

Pro-pre comes in third place with an excellent pre-workout formula that works well.

With 11 ingredients and most of them are dosed optimally, you are getting a powerful pre-workout.

It comes with a 6-gram L-Citrulline dose for nitric oxide production along with 3.2-grams of beta-alanine, the performance enhancer.

The formula also contains the L-Theanine and caffeine combination, which gives you smooth energy.

We also see 2-grams of Leucine in Pro Pre, which is suitable for muscle recovery and probably the most crucial BCAA.

pro pre ingredients label

There is also 1 gram of acetyl-L-tyrosine, which works well for boosting focus.

The exciting thing for me is the Ashwagandha inclusion in the formula, as this ingredient is useful to increase muscle mass and strength.

Overall, Pro Pre is one of the best options on the market right now.


  • A considerable dose of L-Citrulline (6-grams) for nitric oxide
  • Caffeine and L-theanine combination for smooth, long-lasting energy
  • It contains Ashwagandha, which helps increase muscle and strength.
  • No filler or proprietary blend
  • 11 active ingredients
  • 18-gram serving size


  • It is not the best tasting pre-workout
  • No package deals
  • Missing betaine

Pre-workout Ingredients to look for

best pre workout supplements

You are looking at different kinds of pre-workouts and wondering how you determine if it is good or not.

This section of the article will focus on giving you information about if a pre-workout formula is dosed correctly or not.

L-Citrulline or L-Citrulline Malate

These ingredients are considered the most important ones for nitric oxide, which helps blood flow, vasodilation, and makes your arteries work better.

It is an excellent ingredient for muscle pumps and endurance.

There is debate on which of these two ingredients is better; however, they are pretty much the same for the exception that L-citrulline malate is L-Citrulline mixed with malate and L-Citrulline is just pure L-Citrulline.

Both are excellent choices, but you need less of L-Citrulline than L-Citrulline malate.

Recommended dose:

4-grams of L-Citrulline and 6-grams of L-Citrulline malate.


Beta-alanine has numerous studies to back up its effectiveness as one of the best performance boosters on the market.

It helps power output, strength, and endurance by reducing lactic acid buildup in the body.

This is the ingredient that gives you a tingly sensation after use.

Most pre-workouts contain this ingredient for a good reason.

Recommended dose:

At least 3.2 grams of beta-alanine


Caffeine is one of the most effective ingredients to increase energy, focus, endurance, and alertness.

There is a good reason why it is included in pre-workout supplements.

It is highly effective, and the problem with caffeine in pre-workouts are the large doses.

As most people in today's society drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee or energy drinks, and it may not be a good idea to drink a pre-workout that contains too much caffeine on top of that.

However, caffeine has been proven effective for as little as only 100 mg.

Recommended dose:

It is a personal preference, but you would want 200-300 mg's for a dose that will be effective.


Betaine is included in numerous pre-workout supplements for its capabilities in increasing exercise capacity and power output.

Betaine is an ingredient that has shown promise in increasing strength.

Recommended dose:

2-3 grams of betaine


L-Theanine is in pre-workout supplements for its great partnership with caffeine; these ingredients together give you smooth, long-lasting energy.

L-Theanine works to combat the crashing effect after taking large doses of stimulants.

According to studies, it's also good to help with mental focus, increase cognitive performance, and weight loss.

Recommended dose:

200-300 mg of L-Theanine


L-Norvaline is in a few pre-workouts, and it is a derivative from the BCAA valine.

It can help increase Nitric oxide production, which helps increase vasodilation and muscle pumps.

Recommended dose:

50-200 mg

Pre-workout Ingredients To Stay away from

There are a few illegal ingredients in pre-workout supplements that can be detrimental to your health, so you should stay away from them.

1,3 Dimethylamylamine

Used to be in the old Jack3d formula, which was a few years back, one of the most popular pre-workout formula that got banned.

This ingredient is closely related to amphetamine and is considered dangerous and it is banned in sports.

It is still to this day hidden in pre-workout formulas under other names such as DMAA, Methylhexanamine, pentylamine, and more.


The FDA considers this ingredient an unsafe food additive.

It goes by several names here are a few: 1,5-DMHA: 2-amino-5-methylheptane and 2-amino-6-methylheptane.


Ephedrine is an illegal stimulant that is not safe for use in a pre-workout supplement.

1,3-dimethylbutylamine (DNBA)

A stimulant that lacks studies and not known if safe or not, and it is included in a few pre-workout supplements.


We consider PreFierce to be the top pre-workout on the market and we are not the only ones.

PreFierce has also taken the 1st place for the best pre-workout on big fitness websites such as broscience.com, thegymlifestyle.com, and gymflow100.com.

Just know that the majority of pre-workout supplements on the market are underdosed with only high doses of caffeine and all other ingredients low dosed.

A good rule of thumb is if a pre-workout serving size is under 10-grams, there are probably some ingredients under-dosed in it.

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