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April 06, 2020 5 min read

In this post, you will learn how exactly how to naturally get rid of man boobs or gynecomastia.

You will learn:

  • What diet is best to eliminate chest fat
  • What workouts work the best
  • If you really can get rid of your man boobs

Here's how I decided to write this article

We got this message from a customer who was just slightly overweight he was not fat by any means but seemed that most of the fat he accumulated in his chest.

This was around 4 months ago.

He was already training in the gym, strong as hell and was muscular.

Still, he had problems with fat in his chest are aka man boobs.

Fast forward 4 months the same guy got rid of his man boobs, what did he do you may be wondering?

He lost around 20 pounds went from 202 lbs to 182 lbs (92kgs to 83 kgs) in 4 months.

How to lose weight to get rid of man boobs

how to get rid of man boobs 

The best way to get rid of man boobs is to start a weight loss program. (we will tell you exactly how)

You cannot spot reduce chest fat it is impossible.

Unfortunately for many guys, their genetics make them accumulate most of their fat on chest, belly while they have low fat on their limbs.

So the solution?

Lose weight until your body is forced to burn off the fat that sits on your chest area and stomach.

I told you about one of our customers who shared his story about how he got rid of chest fat.

We are talking about a guy who was in no way new to the gym a guy who deadlifted 500 lbs and could rep 225lbs in the bench press 15 times.

His body type or genetics made him store most of his fat in the chest and stomach area.

Making him have "man boobs". He told us that he could no longer wear a tight t-shirt because his man boobs would stick out.

So we asked him what did he do to get rid of all this fat.

This is what he had to say:

Even though I was lifting 4 times per week, strong, I still had unwanted fat on my body, especially on my stomach and chest area.

I decided I needed to do something about it

So around 4 months ago I started to cut down because I've never been so fat in my life. I'm not going to lie it was a hard process but so worth it.

Here's what I did:

  • Stopped eating after dinner. 

I didn't eat anything after dinner in some cases when I was starving after dinner I simply had a small portion of protein-rich food without carbs (chicken breast , fish or a couple of eggs) and drank water and the problem was solved.

I think this is one of the best ways to lose fat fast.

  • Calculated the calories in the usual meals I ate.

I DID NOT calculate the calories I ate every day, I simply calculated some common meals I was having, for instance, I was eating this oatbread every day with some cheese and chicken slice on it. I found out that these 2 tiny slices of oat bread with a little cheese on them were around 500-600 calories.

So I basically replaced that bread with something that was lower in calories and higher in protein. Which were 4 eggs = approximately 260 calories.

  • Aimed for lower-calorie food choices

Even though I ate just what my wife made for dinner most of the time I still thought about every meal I consumed. I tried to aim for lower-calorie choices.

I aimed to eat protein richer foods that were low in carbohydrates.

But hey sometimes I simply ate lasagna or something that might not be ideal for weight loss, not gonna lie.

  • Started doing HIIT cardio

I was doing very little cardio before and I started this program where I did HIIT cardio 3 times per week.

So basically it would be something like Sprint for 1 min then walk for 1 minute and repeat 10 times.

Or run 400 m fast and rest for 90 seconds and repeat like 6-10 times depending on what your body is capable of.

Only a workout that is around 20-30 minutes long and you can do it outside if you like.

  • Stopped eating Pizza

I found out that my favorite pizza that I ate once a week was 3000 calories!!!

I'm not even kidding so instead I made a homemade burger on my cheat day which was probably less than 1000 calories.

Or bought a frozen pizza which was also under 1000 calories.

I also stopped buying take away food that served high-calorie foods and stuck to the healthier restaurants that served chicken with rice, fish,  meats and so on.

  • Took a walk every day

If you have a dog you have the perfect excuse to go on a walk every day. BE a better dog owner and go 30-40 minutes every day with your dog while listening to your favorite podcast or audiobooks.

If you don't have a dog you can still go on a walk every day.

  • Was Patient

Patience is key while losing fat, in fact after the first month of hard work I hardly noticed a difference in my physique which was kind of discouraging.

I was literally thinking if all my efforts were really worth it.

But after 2 months you start seeing some results you have to decide to not give up, losing fat is a long journey.

  • Do a class in your gym

Remember when I was talking about the HIIT cardio training?

You can simply go to a spinning class or some sort of class that focuses on making you sweat instead of the HIIT.

Do that 3 times per week every day.

On top of that, I would recommend lifting weights at least 2 times per week or do home workouts.

Just do a class/HIIT workout 3 times per-week that makes you sweat your balls off and lift 2 weeks in the gym or do home workouts.

Whatever suits you can definitely get rid of moobs without any weights and even without a gym.

If you are not using any weights I recommend doing home workouts doing like pushups, ab crunches, lunges, etc.


You don't need a coach, supplements, a meal plan, even a gym membership to lose fat.

If you stick with what I told you for 4 months you will see exceptional results I guarantee it.

There are no shortcuts to losing weight that's why most people in today's society are overweight.

It is really hard work and up to you.

I was using TestoFierce (testosterone booster) and Shredfierce(fat burner) while following these protocols it definitely helped me but you really don't have to use any supplements.

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