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May 11, 2020 15 min read

I think you will agree with me when I say that there's not a lot of options for women when it comes down to choosing pre-workout supplements.

Either a pre-workout is made for bodybuilders with a lot of muscle-building ingredients or just overly powerful and filled with too many stimulants that make you feel jittery, get a headache, and hot.

Well, it turns out that there are a few pre-workout supplements ideal for females and work very well for them.

Pre-workout supplements are designed to increase energy, endurance,  performance, and blood flow while training.

The difference between male and female pre-workout supplements is that supplements for males usually have higher doses of stimulants like caffeine; however, women can use most pre-workout supplements as long as they don't use a full serving.

So let's get started.

Important information about pre-workouts

Before I reveal the top 25 top pre-workouts for women read this over it if you have never used a pre-workout before (it will only take half a minute)

how to use pre-workout supplements safely

Before we start, I want to share important facts about using and choosing a pre-workout supplement.

First of all, never use a whole scoop when trying a pre-workout for the first time. You have to assess tolerance and feel how your body reacts to it before you can use a full scoop. That doesn't mean you have to use a whole scoop at any point. Sometimes half a scoop is just enough to get the job done.

Never use pre-workouts close to bedtime. Pre-workout supplements usually contain stimulants that may keep you awake at night if you take less than 5 hours before bedtime.

Read ingredients labels. Some pre-workout supplements contain hefty doses of caffeine made for serious stim junkies or bodybuilders, which is not suitable for women. Also, there are a few pre-workout supplements that contain illegal and potentially dangerous ingredients (no pre-workout supplement in this article includes illegal components when I wrote it)

Some pre-workout supplements contain proprietary blends that do not reveal the exact dosage of ingredients. Stay away from those supplements.

Don't drink caffeinated drinks and a pre-workout with a short time in between. If you are using a pre-workout supplement, skip your coffee or energy drink if you drink those types of drinks. If you consume much caffeine, you might feel jittery, hot, and restless.

Don't use pre-workout supplements more than once per day.

Only use pre-workout supplements once per day, unless you know what you are doing and are using a mild formula that doesn't contain high amounts of stimulants.

I just wanted to share with you these tips on using a pre-workout so we all can enjoy the benefits of an excellent pre-workout supplement while staying safe.

Best pre-workout for women

1.PreFierce ★★★★★

prefierce pre-workout formula

See best price for PreFierce

Prefierce key features:

  • Good ingredients to stimulate weight loss, blood flow, increase performance, and energy
  • No proprietary blend or fillers included
  • The serving size is 19.5 grams. 
  • Gummy bear flavor 
  • Half a scoop works very well for most women.
  • No chemical taste
  • Smooth energy without jitters or restlessness 
  • Optimal doses of the vital pre-workout ingredients.
  • Legal and safe ingredients

The pre-workout we've formulated called PreFierce is perfect for women, and let me tell you a few reasons why.

It contains a moderate caffeine dose along with L-theanine for longer-lasting energy levels without the crash.

It does not contain Creatine, which many women don't want to put in their bodies because it can cause water retention and make you bloated.

The formula contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is a powerful fat burner along with green tea leaf extract.

It may be the best pre-workout for weight loss.

It has ingredients that amplify performance such as betaine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and l-norvaline.

Since women are generally lighter than men, half a scoop will sometimes be more than enough to get the job done.

The formula pretty much has anything you need to accelerate fat loss, increase energy levels, and boost performance.

It is also one of the best tasting pre-workout available, so it won't be a challenge every day to drink it down.

The formula was made to cater both to men and women, but women generally need a smaller dose, which means the tub will last longer.

These are the reasons that women love this pre-workout.

2. Physiqueseries Lean ★★★★★

lean pre-workout

Lean key features:

  • Wide variety of ingredients
  • No fillers or proprietary blends
  • Good pre-workout for energy, blood flow, and focus.
  • 16-gram dosage
  • Six flavors available
  • Made for men and women

Transparent Labs creator of Lean has earned a good reputation in the supplement industry for excellent products.

They focus on quality products, and Lean pre-workout is an excellent example of that.

Lean is a pre-workout that contains no fillers or proprietary blends, and you get most of the ingredients you want and need in a pre-workout.

It includes the L-Theanine and caffeine combination for clean energy levels.

The formula includes performance enhancers such as beta-alanine, betaine, choline bitrate, and Citrulline Malate.

Lean also contains BCAA, which helps recovery.

It was made for both men and women and isn't overly powerful by any means; that's why it suits women well.

    3.Pulse Stim-Free ★★★★☆

    pulse stim free pre-workout

    Pulse stim-free key features:

    • Contains few ingredients that are dosed high
    • Suitable ingredients for performance and focus
    • No proprietary blends or fillers
    • 20-gram serving size
    • Four flavors available

    Pulse from legion is one of the best pre-workouts available created by fitness expert Mike Mathews.

    Pulse comes both in a stim-free version and with caffeine.

    The reason the Stim-free version is on this list is that the caffeine dose is extraordinary in the other version; we are talking about 350 mg, which may too much for many women.

    Many women do not always want to have caffeine with their pre-workout, so this is a perfect pre-workout for those females.

    Either way, both formulas are great, but I'd suggest using half a scoop to start with if you are looking to try the original version.

    This pre-workout focuses on only a few ingredients, but they are dosed very generously.

    Good ingredients for performance L-Citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and betaine.

    Along with Alpha GPC for focus.

    That's it for the ingredients unless you go for the non-stim free version. 

    Then you add both caffeine and L-theanine.

    4. Pre W.O ★★★

    pre w.o pre-workout

    • High caffeine content
    • Good for muscle pumps, performance, and energy
    • 20-gram serving size
    • half a scoop might be enough for most women
    • No fillers or proprietary blends
    • Five flavors

    Pre W.O from Dymatize is an intense pre-workout that contains most of the ingredients you'd want in a pre-workout.

    Due to high caffeine content, I do not recommend exceeding half a scoop, to begin with.

    The formula has a hefty dose of L-Citrulline Malate and nitrosigine for nitric oxide and blood flow.

    It also includes performance enhancers such as betaine and beta-alanine.

    Overall a great pre-workout that comes without any fillers or proprietary blends.

    5. Pro-Pre ★★★

    pro pre pre-workout

    Pro Pre key features:

    • Many Ingredients
    • No fillers or proprietary blends
    • Good ingredients for blood flow, performance, and energy
    • 18-gram serving
    • Heavy on caffeine (use half a scoop, to begin with)
    • Not the best tasting

    This pre-workout from Optimum Nutrition has most of the stuff you need for an effective workout.

    Optimum Nutrition is a respectable company in the industry with some excellent and popular products like their protein powder.

    Pro-Pre contains a high caffeine dose; it is paired with L-Theanine for cleaner energy.

    It has performance enhancers such as l-citrulline and beta-alanine.

    Leucine, the most critical BCAA, is included in the formula along with acetyl-l-tyrosine, which improves focus.

    It's a heavy stimulant product, so I'd suggest using only half a scoop

    6. Preseries Bulk ★★★

    preseries bulk

    Bulk key features:

    • Wide range of useful ingredients
    • 22-gram serving size
    • Suitable for muscle building and performance
    • A mild amount of stimulants
    • Five flavors available
    • Made especially for bodybuilders and athletes

    Bulk from Transparent labs is not very different from their other pre-workout formula Lean they separate these two formulas with a few ingredients.

    Bulk is an excellent formula that does not rely on a heavily stimulated formula with only 180 mg of caffeine per serving.

    It contains great ingredients for performance, focus, and recovery. These include

    Beta-alanine, citrulline malate, BCAA, betaine, L-tyrosine, and Taurine.

    What's interested about this product is that it also contains ingredients that support natural testosterone production. These include Zinc, Boron, and vitamin d-3

    This pre-workout is filled with quality ingredients in clinical dosages.

    It was created for bodybuilders and athletes and contains many muscle building ingredients that may turn some women away from this product.

    However, I believe it will work very well for women, and as always, it's best to start with half a dose.

    7. Pre-Jym★★★

    pre jym pre-workout

     Pre-Jym key features

    • Three flavors available
    • Works well for recovery, energy, and muscle pumps
    • 26-gram serving size
    • High dose of stimulants using a whole serving
    • Contains Creatine which may cause water retention
    • Half a scoop might be enough for most women.

    Pre-Jym is an excellent formula created by Dr. Jim Stoppani.

    You do not wanna full scoop this right away because it contains a massive 300 mg dose of caffeine.

    It includes BCAA for recovery, performance enhancers such as betaine, Taurine, beta-alanine, and Creatine.

    The formula is also suitable for mental alertness and focus with the inclusion of L-tyrosine and ALPHA GPC. 

    Pre Jym is excellent for muscle pumps as well as it contains L-citrulline malate and beetroot extract.

    8. C4 Ultimate ★★★

    c4 ultimate pre-workout

    C4 Ultimate key features:

    • Good for energy, performance and muscle pumps
    • High caffeine content
    • Half a scoop might be enough for most women.
    • Four flavors
    • 22-gram serving size
    • Contains Creatine

    C4 Ultimate is genuinely a powerful pre-workout formula and focuses on all the aspects you want.

    A hefty 300 mg dose of caffeine without the L-theanine to smooth it out might be an issue.

    You do not want to start with a full serving because of the high content.

    The formula contains right ingredients for nitric oxide, such as L-citrulline malate and nitrosigine.

    This product also has performance enhancers such as beta-alanine, Creatine, and betaine.

    The inclusion of Creatine might be an issue for some women as it can lead to water retention. However, it is moderately dosed at only 3 grams per full serving.

    9. Bucked Up ★★★

    bucked up pre-workout

    Bucked up key features:

    • Not overly high caffeine dose
    • 11 flavors available
    • Useful for performance, nitric oxide production, and focus
    • 10-gram serving size
    • Some ingredients are low dosed.
    • No proprietary blend or fillers

    Bucked up pre-workout is a good formula that contains a mild caffeine dose for energy. 

    This pre-workout has a good dose of L-Citrulline malate for muscle pumps along with beta-alanine for performance.

    It has Alpha GPC for mental performance and increased focus.

    Overall pretty good formula even though it has it's flaws like missing some key ingredients, and some elements in the formula are low dosed.

    10. 4 Gauge  ★★★

    4 gauge pre workout

    4 Gauge pre-workout key features:

    • Works well for muscle pumps and weight loss
    • 14-gram serving
    • Fruit punch flavor
    • Mild caffeine dose
    • Low creatine dose

    4 Gauge from Roar ambition was launched a few years back.

    It contains some good ingredients, including the caffeine and L-theanine combination for smooth energy.

    The formula is perfect for muscle pumps containing a large dose of Citrulline malate and beetroot extract.

    What might turn some women away from this formula is the inclusion of Creatine even though it's only 1 gram; it can still lead to water retention.

    Overall it's a good formula with mild stimulants but like with any other pre-workout start off with half a scoop.

    11. Nutrabio Pre Stim-Free★★★

    nutrabio stim free pre-workout

    • No stimulants or caffeine
    • 24-gram serving
    • Good for muscle pumps, recovery, and performance
    • Many ingredients
    • Watermelon flavor
    • Contains Creatine

    Nutrabio Stim-Free is an excellent choice for those who want a fully loaded pre-workout without the stimulants.

    It contains BCAA for recovery, performance enhancers such as betaine and beta-alanine. 

    It is significant for muscle pumps with a hefty dose of  Citrulline, agmatine sulfate, and nitrosigine.

    There are a lot of ingredients in the formula, and some are necessary for my opinion.

    Overall, a solid choice for females who want a non-caffeinated pre-workout formula.

    12. Genius Pre ★★★

    genius pre-workout

    Genius pre key features:

    • No caffeine (stim-free)
    • Good for focus and performance
    • Two flavors
    • 17-gram serving
    • Minimal side effects

    Genius Pre is another excellent choice for a pre-workout supplement without any stimulants.

    What's good about stim-free pre-workout supplements is that they are safe to take late at night, unlike those who contain caffeine.

    This formula contains a hefty dose of L-Citrulline malate for nitric oxide and muscle pumps.

    Along with performance boosters such as beta-alanine, Taurine, and betaine.

    The formula is also good for focus by having alphasize, and L-tyrosine.

    Overall a solid choice for a stim-free pre-workout

    13. Total War ★★★

    total war pre-workout

    Total War key features:

    • Works well for energy and performance
    • Stimulant heavy formula (half a scoop might be more than enough)
    • Doesn't taste too well
    • 13-gram serving
    • No fillers or proprietary blends

    Total war from Redcon1 is a reliable product that contains the fundamentals you want in a pre-workout formula.

    With a hefty caffeine dose, both 250 mg of caffeine and 100mg of Dicaffeine malate.

    It is a formula you genuinely do not want to full scoop unless you are incredibly tolerant to caffeine.

    However, with half a serving, you are still getting a decent caffeine dose along with other good ingredients.

    Good performance boosters such as l-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, Taurine, and agmatine sulfate.

    14. Powher ★★★

    Powher key features:

    • Mild formula
    • Good ingredients in mild doses
    • Made for women
    • Good ingredients for performance and focus
    • 10-gram serving size
    • Pink lemonade flavor

    Powher pre-workout energizer is specifically made for women and is a little bit different from the standard high-quality pre-workout. 

    It contains lower dosages of ingredients than we usually see in a good pre-workout.

    Powher is a mild formula with some good ingredients for energy, such as caffeine.

    The formula also has performance enhancers such as beta-alanine, beta Vulgaris, Taurine, and Tyrosine.

    Overall it's a simple formula without any fillers or proprietary blends, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

    15. Signature ★★★

    signature pre-workout

    Signature key features:

    • Five ingredient formula
    • 14-gram serving size
    • No fillers or proprietary blend
    • Suitable for nitric oxide and energy
    • Four flavors

    Signature from bodybuilding.com is a straightforward formula that contains only five ingredients.

    With a large dose of L-Citrulline, it should work well for nitric oxide and muscle pumps.

    There is a moderate-high dose of caffeine at 200 mg.

    It also contains a relatively low dose of beta-alanine, which is a proven performance booster.

    The inclusion of Leucine might help with recovery.

    It's not one of the strongest pre-workout on the market, but you got to respect the 5-gram dose of L-citrulline.

    16.Prolific ★★★

    prolific pre-workout

    Prolific key features:

    • Works well for energy, pumps, and performance.
    • A small serving of just 7-grams taking one scoop
    • Seven flavors available
    • No fillers or proprietary blends
    • Moderate caffeine dose

    Prolific from PESience is an exciting formula. 

    With one scoop you are getting a 7-gram serving, which is relatively low, but honestly, I think they formulated it well.

    You get a decent dose of performance boosters such as  L-Citrulline, Taurine, and betaine.

    The mild 160mg dose of caffeine is also lovely because it isn't too much or too little. It's paired with L-Theanine for smoother energy levels.

    It's made for double scooping, but I think one scoop should work well, at least to start with.

    Overall, a reliable formula that I like a lot.

    17. Complete Rush ★★★☆

    complete rush pre-workout

    Complete Rush key features:

    • 16-gram serving size
    • Good for muscle pumps and energy
    • Some ingredients low dosed.
    • Four flavors
    • No proprietary blend or fillers
    • Mild caffeine dose

    Complete Rush pre-workout from complete wellness has it's pros and cons.

    Let's start on the positives the 3-gram L-Citrulline for nitric oxide and 500 mg of red beetroot powder along with a mild 150mg caffeine dose is nice.

    However, there are some unnecessary ingredients in the formula, and some ingredients low dosed, such as the beta-alanine.

    18. Ideal Lean ★★★

    ideal lean pre-workout

    Ideal Lean key features:

    • Made especially for women
    • Mild serving size 
    • Moderate caffeine dose
    • Nonstim free version available
    • Six flavors available
    • good ingredients for a muscle pump, focus, and energy

    This pre-workout formula is made for women, and you can see that it contains lower doses of ingredients than your standard pre-workout

    It contains excellent ingredients and performance boosters such as L-citrulline malate, betaine, and beta-alanine.

    It is pretty much dosed as if you would use a powerful pre-workout and just use half a serving. 

    However, there are some downsides to it.

    Even though it contains the caffeine and L-theanine that's good for smooth, clean energy, I believe the L-theanine is too high dosed.

    The L-theanine is two times higher dosed than the caffeine, which may give you a calming effect while training.

    It is, however, a good pre-workout formula that should work well for focus, energy, and performance.

    19. C4 Original ★★★

    c4 original

    C4 key features

    • Good for energy and performance
    • Mild amount of stimulants
    • A small 6-gram serving size
    • Good taste
    • Missing some vital pre-workout ingredients
    • Contains Creatine which may cause water retention

    C4 from Cellucor probably the most popular pre-workout on the market right now.

    It's far from being the best, but the mild formula suits women well.

    They don't go overboard with stimulants, so you won't feel jittery or hot.

    As always, I recommend starting with half a scoop just like with any pre-workout. For this one, I think some women might gradually be able to work towards using full scoop due to mild stimulants.

    The formula is quite simple contains a few performance boosters such as beta-alanine, Creatine, and L-tyrosine for focus.

    The formula is not without flaws, as it is missing many vital ingredients.

    There are many flavors available, and it doesn't have that chemical taste.

    20. Impact Pump ★★★

    impact pump pre-workout

    Impact Pump key features:

    • Stimulant free pre-workout
    • Suitable for nitric oxide, blood flow, and focus
    • No proprietary blend or fillers
    • 12-gram serving
    • Side effect friendly
    • Two flavors

    Impact pump from Allmax has made this exciting formula that works well for increasing blood flow, muscle pumps, and enhanced focus.

    There are no stimulants in this formula, so it's very side effect friendly and safe to use late in the evening.

    It includes L-Citrulline and agmatine sulfate for increased nitric oxide production and enhanced blood flow.

    The formula also has alpha gpc and lions mane for focus and mental performance.

    Overall it's a good choice for those looking to get something without caffeine.

     21. NO3 Ultimate ★★★☆

    no 3 ultimate

    • Good for nitric oxide and muscle pumps
    • No stimulants
    • Four flavors
    • No proprietary blend or fillers
    • 10.5-gram serving

    No3 Ultimate from Cellucor is a slightly different pre-workout formula than we usually see.

    This formula is all about ingredients that increase nitric oxide production.

    With more nitric oxide, you get better blood flow, muscle pumps, and endurance while training.

    With the inclusion of L-Citrulline, nitrosigine, and different kinds of arginine, it is one of the top nitric oxide boosters available.

    It doesn't have any stimulants, so it's very side effect friendly.

      22. Amino Energy ★★★

      amino energy

      • Mild caffeine dose
      • Contains BCAA
      • Many tastes available
      • Not very powerful
      • Can be used as an energy booster more than once per day
      • A proprietary blend that does not reveal exact dosages.

      Amino Energy from optimum nutrition may is far from being the strongest of best pre-workout on the market.

      However, it tastes well, and it's easy to dose the caffeine since one scoop only has 50mg. 

      Which means you can use it instead of coffee or just if you need a little bit of caffeine.

      The downside with this supplement is obviously that it has proprietary blends and doesn't reveal exact dosages for all ingredients.

      But it contains some good ingredients for recovery and performance like Taurine and many amino acids.

      It tastes delicious, and since the caffeine dose is mild, it is possible to use it more than once per day.

      23. Nitrosurge★★★

      nitrosurge pre-workout

      Nitrosurge key features:

      • Not overly high dosed on caffeine (180 mg per serving)
      • Good ingredients for energy and performance
      • Ten flavors available
      • No fillers or proprietary blends
      • Seven ingredient formula

      Nitrosurge is a decent pre-workout formula that contains some of the top ingredients you want in a pre-workout.

      They have L-Citrulline for nitric oxide, beta-alanine, and betaine for performance.

      This formula also contains the proven caffeine and L-theanine combination, which gives you longer-lasting smoother energy while training.

      It's not an overly complicated formula with seven ingredients, and some of them are not very highly dosed.

      24. BCAA Energy ★★★

      bcaa energy

      BCAA Energy key features:

      • Mild caffeine dosage
      • 9-gram serving size
      • Good for recovery
      • 11 flavors

      BCAA energy from evlution nutrition is a simple formula.

      It contains a mild dose of caffeine for energy along with Taurine for muscle endurance.

      The formula has a nice dose of BCAA, which helps recovery.

      It's by no means the most potent formula but can work well for someone who does want to improve recovery while getting a small energy boost.

      25. Neurocore ★★★☆

      neurocore pre-workout

      Neurocore key features:

      • Contains the Caffeine L-Theanine combination
      • Low dosed ingredients
      • 6-gram serving size
      • Works well for smooth energy
      • Two flavors
      • No fillers or proprietary blend

      Neurocore from Muscletech is a pretty weak formula in many regards.

      They got one thing right, and that was the mild caffeine serving, which comes with L-theanine for clean energy without the crash.

      It contains some decent ingredients, and many of them relatively low dosed. This includes the performance booster beta-alanine and L-Citrulline.

      The formula also contains Creatine, which I do not like and may cause water retention. 


          Women can, of course, use any pre-workout that is out there on the market. But generally, women do not always want the same ingredients in the exact dosages as men.

          This includes pre-workouts that are heavy on stimulants and muscle building ingredients such as Creatine.

          A general tip is to start with half a scoop if you are trying a new pre-workout sample.

          That way, you can feel how well your body tolerates it.

          I hope this article helped you girls, and please share it and get the word out!


          When to use a pre-workout?

          Read the instructions on how to use listed on the pre-workout you have. Usually, you use pre-workout 15-30 minutes before working out.

          Do not use a pre-workout supplement at least 5 hours before going to sleep unless you are using a stim-free pre-workout.

          It's not recommended to use pre-workout more than once per day.

          What are the side-effects of using a pre-workout?

          The most common side effect of using a pre-workout supplement is taking in too much caffeine, which may make you feel jittery, restless, and having trouble sleeping.

          Some pre-workout brands contain beta-alanine, which may cause a common side effect called paraesthesia, which is a tingly feeling in your arms and face.

          The side effects of beta-alanine are not dangerous, but some people find it uncomfortable.

          Beware of pre-workout supplements containing illegal ingredients that may cause more severe side effects than listed here.

           Do pre-workouts help you lose weight?

          Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, which has been shown to accelerate fat loss. 

          Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is included in some pre-workouts, has also shown positive results for losing weight.

          However, when It comes down to losing weight, the diet is the most critical factor, and you cannot rely on pre-workout supplements to lose weight.

          Is pre-workout good for women?

          Pre-workout supplements can help increase energy levels, boost performance, increase focus, and nitric oxide for both women and men.

          There are many available studies on ingredients that pre-workout supplements contain that have shown significant benefits.

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